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Windows 8 DOWNLOAD (Build 7850) [WITH DOWNLOAD]

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

After trillions of Windows 8 Leaks and just recently the release of Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1, Windows 8 Milestone 1 has leaked on the web! The Download is available on many torrent-sharing website by the name:

6.1.7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508_x86fre_client-enterprise_en-us.iso !

Stay updated for more Info!  (Read on for the Download Link) Read the rest of this entry

Windows 8 Leak : App Store

After a couple of Windows 8 Screen Shot leak we’ve come acroon another one! An this time it is something impressive! An built in App Store for Windows featuring many applications and Games! As with previous Windows milestone builds, the final appearance may differ slightly, but word has it that this new store’s passed its internal tests and will soon go beta. This leak now really makes us waiting for Windows 8 to officially release! Read the rest of this entry

Windows 8 Screenshot Leak : Ribbon Interface

Micrsoft currently developing the new Windows 8 is trying hard not to release more leaks but unfortunately more leaks have come and we’ve got hold of a new leak featuring screenshots of Ribbon Interface!

Microsoft Word, Paint and WordPad users are already familiar with the idea of a ribbon interface, where a tabbed and extra-tall toolbar resides at the top of the page.

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View your Computer’s System and Harware Specs using CPU-Z (With Download)

Another Great App recently tested by me is called CPU-Z! It is an extremely great program that fetches even the smallest information available about your Computer! It is way better than the Specs that is showed by the Windows it-self! Much Easier to undertsand and Great-To-Use with Detailed Info!

Some Aspects of the System it covers are:


  • Name and number.
  • Core stepping and process.
  • Package.
  • Core voltage.
  • Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier.
  • Supported instruction sets.
  • Cache information.


Samsung Series 9 Laptop, Thinner and Lighter than a MacBook Air

Before you rush out and buy that ultrathin MacBook Air, take a look at the Samsung Series 9 Notebook that will begin gracing store shelves starting Thursday.Samsung delivers this 13.3-inch laptop that’s thinner and packs a more up-to-date processor than a MacBook Air. Read the rest of this entry

Windows 8 AeroLite Buttons and Language Explorer Leaked

Just Recently we released a screenshot of the desktop taskbar, and now we’ve got hold of a picture of some buttons from the Windows 8 Theme!

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Windows 8 Taskbar Image Leaked

A few days ago it was heard that windows 8 has reached Milestone 3, and it has been released to many beta testers!

The Windows 8 Taskbar is similar to Windows 7 excepeting that it contains a Windows Live ID Singn In feature and a Profile Picture on the conrner!

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