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PlayStation 4: Supports 4K Movie service from Sony

With the announcement of Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the PS4 last week. We all expected the the Japanese tech giant to declare PS4’s 4K movie support alongside the console’s announcement itself. However, Sony’s COO Phil Molyneux, in an interview with The Verge, responded to a question enquiring about PS4’s support for 4K video saying, “I promise you will not be disappointed.”

4K video, is the latest-developed video resolution format that boasts a crispy 3840 × 2160 pixels, hence exceeding the HD 1080p video quality and resulting in the name Ultra-HD. Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 would not be able to support 4K games, but only 4K videos and photographs. In the interview, the COO also mentioned that a 4K video may have an enormous 100 GB+ size! Moreover, Sony claims that they are the “world’s first” to offer a 4K movie download service.

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PlayStation 4: Tech Specs, 8GB GDDR5 RAM, 8 Core AMD Jaguar CPU [OFFICIAL]

Following numerous rumours, speculations and mock-ups, the Sony PlayStation 4 has finally been unveiled in an official PlayStation Meeting held yesterday in New York. The meeting which had received immense new’s coverage became the platform where they new gaming console was announced but not shown to public. However, one the greener side, we know the release date is “Holiday 2013” which probably hints at 3rd quarter release, November.

Besides cloud-computing, cross-game messaging and Sony Entertainment Network connection, here is a list of some mind-boggling specifications that the PS4 packs:


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PlayStation Evolution Videos uploaded as 2013 Event approaches

With just a day remaining before the much-awaited PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony really is doing a great in keeping us excited and energized to follow up with the conference that is rumored to be the day when the PS4 is revealed to the world! Sony has now posted a handful of videos that show how the PlayStation was born and evolved through to produce what is, one of the most used gaming consoles of all time! Check out the videos after the break.

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PlayStation 4: Real Time Games Streaming over the Internet [RUMOUR]

With just two days remaining before the awaited PlayStation conference that has attracted a lot of attention from gamers and the paparazzi alike,
we’ve just managed to get hold of some last-minute rumors! Sony had brought Gaikai, the online-gaming firm last year, and it seems that Sony is going to put this acquisition to good use, namely in the PS4.

The well-known news firm, The Wall Street Joural has stated that Sony latest gaming console, the PS4, which is expected to be released the day after tomorrow in a PlayStation conference. This revolutionizing new feature will allow people to play games Read the rest of this entry

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