Creating a Counter-Strike 1.6 INTERNET-Based Server using SteamCMD (With AMX Mod X) [COMPLETE GUIDE with VIDEO]

After we recently discovered that people have difficulty creating an Internet-based Counter Strike 1.6 Server we decided to help you by devising our own complete guide: This guide uses the new SteamCMD, a program that Valve released in 2013 as a replacement to HLDSUpdateTool.

Minimum System Requirements For Couter-Strike 1.6 Server:

  1. Internet Connection of Upload Speed 512 kB/s or Higher
  2. 1.5 Ghz Processor
  3. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1
  4. 750Mb Disk Space

Step 1: Download SteamCMD from the official Valve website: SteamCMD for Windows

Step 2: Go to My Computer, then to C:/ and create a new folder called HLDS.

Step 3: Extract, and copy steamcmd.exe to C:/HLDS. Right-click steamcmd.exe and click Run as Administrator and then click Yes. Wait for a few seconds as SteamCMD updates to the latest version available. (Tip: If SteamCMD opens, and crashes abruptly, Open Internet Explorer, click Tools and then click Internet Options. Navigate to the Connections tab and click Settings and check Automatically Detect Settings. Click Ok)

Step 4: Once the update is completed you will see “Steam>” in the last line in the command prompt window. Type “login anonymous” and hit the enter key. Once logged in, type “app_update 90 validate” and hit the enter key again. Wait for a few minutes as Counter Strike 1.6 Server files are downloaded from the Steam Servers. This should take about 15 – 40 minutes depending upon your Internet download speed.

Step 5: Steam has acknowledged that there is currently a bug with SteamCMD that causes it to report successful downloads even when the download has not been completed. You will notice that the download completed quickly, in the previous step. This indicates that the server did not download the files correctly. Therefore a workaround for this is to Close SteamCMD by typing “quit”, Download the following three files: app_manifest_10.acf, app_manifest_70.acf, app_manifest_90.acf and place them in “C:\HLDS\steamapps” and then repeat Step 4. It is recommended to quit SteamCMD once more and repeat Step 4 to ensure all files are completely downloaded.

Step 6: Once you see “progress: 100” (or your HLDS folder size is about 751 MB), type “quit” in SteamCMD and hit the enter key. Download the Server Configuration files we have compiled for you: NonSteamAMXModXMetamodInstaller.exe (Last Updated: 11/05/2015)

These files will automatically install:

  1. Non-Steam
  2. AMX Mod X (Version 1.8.2)
  3. Metamod (Version 1.21)
  4. Dual Protocol 47 & 48 (For compatibility with all Counter Strike 1.6 versions)

Once downloaded, Right-click NonSteamAMXModXMetamodInstaller.exe and click Run as Administrator, and then click Yes. Click Browse and chose the cstrike folder for installation. In our case it will be “C:/HLDS/SteamApps/common/Half-Life/cstrike/” Click Install.

Step 7: Once the Server configuration files are installed, Go to “C:/HLDS/SteamApps/common/Half-Life/cstrike/” and open server.cfg and replace Server Name with any name, e.g: The Techno Geeks! CS Server. And Replace RCON Password with any password of your choice.

Step 8: CONGRATULATIONS! Server Installation Complete!

In order to switch on the server on, Right-click hlds.exe found in C:\HLDS\steamapps\common\Half-Life\ and choose Run as Administrator. Edit the Server Name and RCON Password (to match the one you set earlier in Step 5) and chose your map, click Start Server. On the first start, you will be asked to allow HLDS through the firewall, click Yes to ensure to HLDS is able to communicate on the network properly. (HLDS may suddenly close after this, simply open HLDS by double-clicking HLDS.exe, it will now function properly) (UPDATE: If your Server keeps on crashing, follow this tutorial for a fix: Counter Strike 1.6 SteamCMD Server Crash Fix [GUIDE])

The Server Configuration files automatically installed Amx Mod X 1.8.2 on your server. Amx Mod X is probably the best Server plugin out there that can help you manage maps, kick/slay/ban/gag players, pause/restart server, manage cvars and other useful elements right from the game.

Step 9: To Make the Server INTERNET BASED you will have to do Port Forwarding, which means you will have to forward the Server Port through your router to the Internet, Port-Forwarding varies with every router, so message the Router Model and Company of your router to our Facebook page (Visit our Facebook Page HERE) or our Google+ page (Visit our Google+ Page HERE) and I will help you out in no time! You can also use the comments section below.


  • Port you need to forward: 27015 (shown in Server Dashboard)
  • Protocol: UDP
  • IP Address: (Shown in Server Dashboard)


Step 10: Once you’ve port forwarded, it’s time to play with your friends, and this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! Grab your Server’s IP address from Google and grab your Server Port from the Server Dashboard:

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  1. how can i add admins pls help..

    • In order to gain admin access open cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs and then open users.ini with notepad, add this line at the end:

      “YOURNICKNAME” “YOURPASSWORD” “abcdefghijklmnopqrstu” “ak”

      Replace YOURNICKNAME and YOURPASSWORD with the Nick Name you use and your preferred password. Do NOT remove the quotation marks. Save and Exit.
      Now open your Counter Strike game, press “~” button(over the Tab button) on your keyboard, to open the Console. In the console type setinfo _pw “YOURPASSWORD” hit Enter. You’re done! Connect to your server. To see the admin menu, open console and type amxmodmenu and hit Enter.

  2. i have got a dynamic ip i cant get a static ip how to check the new ip of the server after system shutdown ?

  3. i am stuck at step 7. the server.cfg file wont show the details properly. i opened it via notepad. here is what it depicts.

    // Use this file to configure your DEDICATED server.
    // This config file is executed on server start.

    // disable autoaim
    sv_aim 0

    // disable clients’ ability to pause the server
    pausable 0

    // default server name. Change to “Bob’s Server”, etc.
    hostname “Counter-Strike 1.6 Server”

    // maximum client movement speed
    sv_maxspeed 320

    // 20 minute timelimit
    mp_timelimit 20

    sv_cheats 0

    // load ban files
    exec listip.cfg
    exec banned.cfg

    please help me get done with this

  4. how do i know my own ip?

  5. Hello! I’d like to know, how to make this server runs only for STEAM players?

    • Glad to know your server is working! :)
      To accept only Steam players, go to HLDS\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike and then open dproto.cfg and find the following line:
      cid_NoSteam47 = 8
      cid_NoSteam48 = 10
      change these to:
      cid_NoSteam47 = 5
      cid_NoSteam48 = 5

  6. UPDATE: Google Drive seems to be having issues at the moment. I’ve mirrored the files to Dropbox and updated the link in the post.

  7. hey i’m having a problem ! when i put login anymous it says it needs password !
    what’s the password plzzzz help

  8. can we install cs 1.6 game in c\hlds folder

  9. Hey Usman first of all thankyou so much for this amazing tutorial. I created my HLDS server just as you instructed and it was working perfectly fine with no issues and I was able to play with my friends but one of my friend said that he is getting an error while connecting to it regarding some protocol 47 and 48 so I surfed a bit and found out that I had cs protocol 47 and he had 48 so he was unable to connect to my server. Then I downloaded and installed the patch for protocol 48 and now my cs has been updated accordingly to protocol 48 and my friend is able to connect to it but whenever I try to connect it gives an error saying something like “Your version of the game does not match the version of the server. Please restart your game”. Can you please help me in this regard that how can I again connect to my HLDS. Just to make it clear the HLDS is still working and my friends are able to connect to it but only I am unable to do so. Please help :)

  10. bro biilkul a1 chlra h ,lekn pc off hone k bd ip chnge hogae h shayd ,,new ip kese len ,or ip constant kese rakhen ?

    • I’m really happy that the server you created using this tutorial is working perfectly! :D
      To prevent your IP from changing, you will have request your ISP for a static IP.
      (URDU: Sarmad, aap PTCL ko call kerkay Static IP ki request kero. Wo aap ko kuch paisay charge kerkay Constant IP dey deyngay)

  11. Usman BrO Sab Kuch Thek Hai Per Ip Chang Ho Jati Hai Server Ki :3 Is Ka Koi Hal BataO


  12. How to do port forwarding on TP-Link TL-WR841N ??

  13. I have performed the exact steps mentioned above. But mu friends are not able to see my server,.Can you please us with this issue..

    • You still haven’t performed Port Forwarding. It is a simple, 2 minutes procedure that allows your Server to be accessible from the Internet. Please read the User Manual that was shipped with your Router for a tutorial.

  14. We performed all the above steps, but couldn’t setup internet server. Server is showing as not responding for them :(
    Could you please help us in figuring out the issue.

    • You still haven’t performed Port Forwarding. It is a simple, 2 minutes procedure that allows your Server to be accessible from the Internet. Please read the User Manual that was shipped with your Router for a tutorial.

  15. Thank you!!

  16. André-Brazil

    change the map when the server crashes. You can prepare a tutorial to add pack maps? Thanks :)))

  17. Hello, i have a problem : the external ip changes everyday and i have added my server to it shows that my server is Dead because the external ip changed what’s the solution do i have to add the server again everyday !? and renew the external ip so my friends can join again !?

    Ps: your tutorial helped a lot and i have created my server successfully but still that problem , Tnx man :)

    • I’m glad to know my tutorial has helped you a lot and your server was created successfully.
      Yes, adding the new IP to GameTracker and giving your new IP to your friends is a possible solution. Though a more permanent solution is to ask your ISP for a static IP, this will ensure your IP never changes.

  18. when i my to this server ip its shows this

  19. Hey Usman, i want to ask why my friends cant join on the server? I do the port-forward and still nothing? Thanks

  20. Hello !
    Can you help me?:O
    I did everything according to the description , but it is not good for the internet server.

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