Adding Bots to a Counter Strike 1.6 Server [TUTORIAL]

I’ve always noticed that people often find it difficult to Add Bots to their Counter Strike Server. And often, the very first question people ask me after following my Guide to Create a Counter Strike Server is “How do I add Bots to my Server?” Well, here is a guide that will allow you to add bots to your Half-Life(Counter Strike) Dedicated Server in under 5 minutes! It’s much more easier then it looks like!


  1. A Counter Strike Dedicated Server (Don’t have a server? No Problem! Create your very Own Server using This Guide)
  2. Metamod (If you don’t how to install metamod then don’t worry this problem is addressed Here)

STEP 1: Ensure your current Counter Strike Server has metamod installed. If not don’t worry, here is how to create a server with metamod and AMX Mod X pre-installed —> Creating a Counter-Strike 1.6 INTERNET-Based Server (With AMX Mod X) [COMPLETE GUIDE with VIDEO]

STEP 2: Download PODBot Server plugin from here: PODBot Server Plugin Download and Extract it anywhere using WinRar.

STEP 3: Open the extracted files. If everything went well you will see a folder named podbot. Browse to your Server Directory, open the folder called cstrike and then open addons. Copy the podbot folder from the extracted files to the addons folder of your server.

STEP 4: In the addons folder (inside the cstrike folder), Open the folder named metamod, open plugins.ini using Notepad or your favourite text editor and add this line at the end:

win32 addons/podbot/podbot_mm.dll

Save and Exit.

STEP 5: Open cstrike/addons/podbot and then open podbot.cfg using Notepad or your favorite text editor. Find pb_password and change it to your desired password. Change pb_minbotskill and pb_maxbotskill to your desired bot difficulty. Maximum bot difficulty is 100 and beware, bots of difficulty 100 are so fierce that they’ll hear you and headshot you through walls! Change pb_maxbots to a number suitable so that some slots remain for human players. Save and Exit.

STEP 6: CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully installed and configured bots for you’re Counter Strike Server. In order too addbots simply open you’re Server Console and type pb fillserver to fill the server to it’s maximum bot capacity you defined earlier in STEP 5. 

  1. To add Terrorists type: pb add t
  2. To add Counter-Terrorists type: pb add ct
  3. To Remove all bots type: pb removebots
  4. To Fill Server to it’s maximum capacity: pb fillserver

I Hope you find this guide easy to understand. If not, you can ask me directly for help by messaging me on my Facebook page (Visit my Facebook Page HERE) or my Google+ page (Visit my Google+ Page HERE) and I will help you out in no time! You can also use the comments section below.

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  1. can I add bots to a multiplayer game which i’m playing with my friends, using this?

  2. Hello Usman,

    I was wondering if you have any way i can keep my server online 24/7 and how to login via hlds cause everytime i close hlds i seem to always be creating a new server, not sure. Please i need to kno if i can kno a way to have my server running 24/7 and how to long in via (HLDS.exe)

  3. Thanks I was able to do it.

  4. shayan weera

    How do you open your server console? is it ‘~’ ?

    • You cannot access the Server console in-game. When you switch on your Server you will see a Console tab, this is where you need to go, as shown in the picture below.
      counter strike server dashboard

  5. Hi , i have put the podbots and i am the admin of my server but wher i sent a command,, nothing happens..what can i do ?

  6. Whenever i play counter strike locally the maximum money is 16000. I have downloaded cvar unlocker but i don’t know how to use it. So do you know any way through which i can get more than 16000 money?

  7. Hello Usman,

    Thanks for this guide.

    Whenever i play in any public server i see spray text, images on walls and all those custom stuff. Can you do a tutorial on creating that?

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