PlayStation 4: Real Time Games Streaming over the Internet [RUMOUR]

With just two days remaining before the awaited PlayStation conference that has attracted a lot of attention from gamers and the paparazzi alike,
we’ve just managed to get hold of some last-minute rumors! Sony had brought Gaikai, the online-gaming firm last year, and it seems that Sony is going to put this acquisition to good use, namely in the PS4.

The well-known news firm, The Wall Street Joural has stated that Sony latest gaming console, the PS4, which is expected to be released the day after tomorrow in a PlayStation conference. This revolutionizing new feature will allow people to play games that are streamed live over the internet. The report further stated that the games streamed will also be available for the PS4’s predecessor the PS3. However, it was also predicted that Sony has decided to employ AMD chips for its flagship gaming console rather than the earlier Toshiba and IBM chips.

Sony PlayStation 4 ControllerFurthermore, the ability to stream games seems to be intended to ward off competition from smaller gaming consoles such as tablets and mobiles. However, people have also thought that the ability to stream games will allow you to continue playing a certain game on your hand-held device.

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