Goodbye Hotmail, Hello Outlook: Features, Video

Hotmail, was one of first to provide free e-mail access back in 1996 but after a decade and a half later, Microsoft has decided to rename or rather completely transform it’s to Don’t worry you wont be loosing your email address and emails. Microsoft decided to re-brand the e-mail service in order to regain it’s market share which was lost to Google’s gmail.

1. Social Integration: Facebook and Twitter will now enrich your experience by connecting you to Facebook and Twitter. While your a conversing/chatting with someone you will be able to receive his/her Facebook statuses and Twitter updates simultaneously. You also retweet on Twitter and like, comment on Facebook.

2. Similar to Windows 8 Theme

Anyone who has used the Mail App on Windows 8 will find almost no difference between the new and the Mail App of Windows 8. A Windows Phone user will also may able to feel at home with the blue theme on The new is quite better than as useless space taking buttons have been reduced to create a sense of “calamity” when one browses through his email.

3. Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents can be edited online

Heading says it all.

4. No attachment size limit

The new is connect with Microsoft’s SkyDrive therefore leaving no space/size issue while uploading attachments.

4. Skype Calls without Skype

The new will allow allow you to have Skype Video Valls with yours friends and family without actually having Skype installed. This feature will soon be implemented.

5. Auto Email Sort and Slideshows is extremely intelligent, it will now automatically detect emails such as articles, newsletters, notifications, etc and put them into separate folders. Photos and images can be viewed as slideshows

With the addition of new features and the pleasing clutter-less interface of it seems that Microsoft’s email will soon prove popular and better than the fast-rising gmail.

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