Download Links to Regain Root for Android 3.1 Update for Motorola Xoom (with instructions)

Just recently Google has announced that Motorola’s tab Xoom will be the first to recive the latest Android, we have finally got hold of some links that help you regain your lost root to the much awaited Android 3.1 for Xoom! And Yes, this is for Both WiFi and 3G!

Motorola Xoom WiFi:

Motorola Xoom 3G:

Here is the exact wordings of the XDA Developers, who have drawn up this complete guide:


  • Pushes Superuser, su, and other root files. Sets correct permissions to enable functioning root
  • Flashes bigrushdog modified stock 3.1 boot.img (kernel) to enable external SD card storage (in /sdcard/external)
  • Prevents system from over-writing custom recovery


  • You’ve unlocked your Xoom (this will wipe your data)
  • You’ve downloaded either or
  • You’ve downloaded a recent ClockworkMod recovery image to your PC: ClockworkMod Recovery (make sure to download the .img, not the .zip)
  • You’ve installed a physical SDCard in your Xoom (required for ClockworkMod Recovery updates) and have it functioning properly
  • You’ve configured the Android SDK on your PC, with adb functioning properly
  • You’ve downloaded fastboot and have it functioning properly (usually alongside adb in platform-tools)


Read through this once before you do it. After performing step 2 you will have to do step 3 immediately or you will have to repeat step 2.

1. Prepare your SD Card
Using an SD Card reader (or Android phone?), move the file from your PC to the root of your SD Card. Once that is done, install the SD Card into your Xoom. Alternately you can mount the SD Card through the Xoom in recovery after you boot into recovery in step 3 by selecting ‘mounts and storage > mount USB storage’. It’s always nice to have options.

2. Flash ClockworkMod recovery.img
Connect the usb cable from your PC to your Xoom. Make sure USB Debugging is activated in the Application settings menu.

  1. Connect the usb cable from your PC to your Xoom.
  2. Open up your command prompt naviagate to the folder with adb, then (change ‘XXXXXX-XXXX’ in code to match filename):
    adb reboot bootloader
    fastboot flash recovery recovery-solarnz-XXXXXX-XXXX.img
    fastboot reboot

3. “Catch the boot” to boot into recovery
This requires some quick reflexes. As soon as you send the ‘fastboot reboot’ command in the previous step, your device will reboot. You have to boot into recovery right away or your Xoom will reflash the stock recovery over the custom recovery you just installed. Here’s how to “catch the boot” and reboot into recovery.

  1. When you see the Motorola logo appear, wait approximately 3 seconds.
  2. Tap the Volume Down button. You should see the words “Android Recovery” appear at the top of the screen. Now tap the Volume Up button to boot into recovery.
  3. If when attempting to “catch the boot” it says ‘Starting Fastboot protocol support’ then you hit Volume Down too soon. Hold Vol UP + Power to reboot and try again.

4. Flash or
In ClockworkMod Recovery, select “install zip from sdcard”
Select “choose zip from sdcard”
Select “” or “”
Select “Yes – Install”
After install select “Reboot System Now”

5. Enjoy root!

Source: XDA Developers

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  1. Thank You for providing us with your feedback and information! And we are extremely sorry for the Pain that it has caused you!

  2. Appears you cannot make a backup until after you have rooted, CMR wants to saves stuff to /cache/recovery et. al. and the directories do not exist (and you cannot make them without root…)

    Tried this process twice for the 3G and it just stays in the honeycomb boot sequence both times.
    Wiping user-data & cache after installing the .zip has no effect (still hangs.)

    Installing Tiamat’s Deoxeded kernel + system .zip (v1.0) after the 3G root .zip results in a successful boot. (I wiped user data prior to installing the kernel & system .zip so I cannot tell if that is necessary or not).

  3. I have a Verizon xoom and I just applied the 3G update (and it looked like everything worked) and now my Xoom sticks at the honeycombs/booting sequence.
    I’m going to give it a few but I think I’m going to have to reset to 3.0.1 and reupdate to 3.1 (because I was dumb and did not make a backup of the 3.1 stock… I also cannot find a complete HMJ37 zip, just the update from 3.0 or 3.0.1 ><)
    So.. if you're going to try this, one you have ClockworkMod Recovery running… don't jump the gun like I did and be sure to back up your working 3.1 set first.

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