How to Enable Windows 8 Aero Auto-Colourization

Windows 8 is making waves these days on the Internet with new leaked content every few days. We have already seen a full leak of Windows 8 build 7850 ISO, but now some more feature details are also available.

Windows 8 aero auto-colourization feature were been talked about for a while, but now we finally have something to see with screenshots and how to enable the aurora effect with the auto-colourization feature in Windows 8 Aero theme.

What is Windows 8 Aero Auto-Colourization?

You must have noticed that after every wallpaper change in Windows 7, you manually had to change the the colour of Windows 8 Aero theme (taskbar, windows etc). Windows 8 Aero’s auto-colourization will automatically detect the colour of the wallpaper and change the colour of taskbar, start menu and explorer. It changes their aero glass colours.

How to Enable Windows 8 Aero Auto-Colourization?

It has been found that Windows 8 Build 7850 also has the auto-colorization feature, but has been disabled by default. You actually need a few missing files.

Download Windows 8 Aero Theme Files

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