Browser Wars: Study Shows Android Surfs Web 52% Faster Than iPhone 4 On iOS 4.3


Study Shows Android Surfs Web 52% Faster Than iPhone 4 On iOS 4.3!

Blaze Software Inc is a Canadian outfit dedicated to improving browsing speeds and they were kind enough to run us through some of their testing to see who rendered websites the fastest – Android or iOS.

What Blaze did was that they created their own testing software based on Apple’s UIWebView and Google’s WebView. The tests were performed on an iPhone 4 (running both iOS 4.3 and 4.2) and Samsung Nexus S (running Android 2.3) while a Samsung Galaxy S was used for testing Android 2.2.

All the websites tested were those of Fortune 1000 companies with each site being tested 3 times, with a median result used.

Over 45,000 tests were run across the various platforms and operating system versions, with the results indicating that recent JavaScript handling improvements on both platforms don’t translate to real-world speed increases.

After taking over 45,000 measurements on the latest iPhone and Android devices, the study found that Android was 52% faster than iPhone on average. Android finished loading a Web page faster on 84% of the 1000 Websites tested. The study also found that the despite significant JavaScript performance gains in the latest Apple iOS 4.3 release and Google Android 2.3 releases, these improvement made no measurable improvement on the actual page load times of the sites tested.

Study proved Google’s OS to be faster than iOS in 84% of tests. Average load-times were also measured, with Android’s speed showing through with an average time of 2.1 seconds compared to the average 3.2 seconds required by iOS’ Safari.

Blaze also made the tools used available to the public via its website. Here users can test any site they like, using various Android and iOS versions to see how their site runs.

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